During the first few days following the loss, steps are taken by Level Construction, Inc. to ensure site containment and project analysis. Our estimator will meet with the customer to gather input regarding the restoration project and review the reconstruction process.

Hands on and repeated experience with virtually every kind of casualty loss makes Level Construction, Inc. uniquely qualified to evaluate a situation and propose the optimal solution.

Level Construction, Inc. coordinates all aspects of a restoration project, making certain that mitigation and reconstruction proceeds in the most expeditious manner. Restoring a property hit by a disaster is a complex process requiring a unique set of skills.

Our Project Managers are experienced in helping determine the most prudent approach for meeting all requirements of a large loss. We are successful because there are no delays in arranging for sub-contractors, costs are kept under control, and insurance companies recognize our efforts by referring future customers to us.

Experience has proven this hands-on approach to be critical to a rapid, safe and thorough restoration project.