Drying & Dehumidification

Level Construction, Inc uses the most sophisticated dehumidification and monitoring equipment to ensure effective results and elimination of environmental concerns.

Proper drying is a critical step in effective restoration. Done properly and promptly it can virtually eliminate concerns about mold growth and contamination.

We have various types of drying equipment for a variety of sized jobs so that the most efficient method can be employed. Just as important is the equipment that allows our technicians to measure and quantify the drying to ensure that materials are at normal moisture levels before we remove the dehumidification equipment.

Our technicians search out the obvious and hidden places the water has damaged, develop a plan for drying the structure and document the drying process to establish a record of drying job.

We understand that the design of a dehumidification project can contribute to its success. The science of drying will dictate the decisions we make.

Understanding of various types of construction can affect the way a drying job needs to be designed. Our knowledge of both drying and construction allows us to make the most beneficial choices for our clients.